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This website was initally conceived to support the article ‘Selecting effective means to any end: Future and Ethics of persuasion profiling (see downloads) presented at Persuasive 2010. Currently it is used to group some of the work on persuasion profiling.

The page is moderated by Dean Eckles and Maurits Kaptein to support their work on adaptive persuasive systems in general and persuasion profiling in specific.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Also, if you have suggestions for further additions, relevant links, or would like a blogpost or two on the topic please contact us.


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  • For commercial applications see: PersuasionAPI
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  • Dean Eckles gives detailed accounts of his own thinking and our discussions on persuasion profiling and related topics. Make sure to follow his blog.

Book: Persuasion Profiling

Now available, the book “Persuasion Profiling: How the Internet Knows What makes you Tick” By Dr. M. C. Kaptein.